Receptionist User

More and more agencies have an intake specialist or receptionist entering information in OpenFIT. To facilitate this specialist user role has been setup

The purpose of the role is to provide the appropriate level of privileges and data access in order to fulfil this role in the system. These tasks include:

  • Setup a new Case

  • Schedule Appointments

  • Assign a Case to a new Clinical Owner

  • Entering and Updating Client and Collateral demographic data

  • Closing Cases

As the Receptionist does not have a Clinical role, they don't have the My Cases Tab. Instead they can view Cases, Clients and Collateral Raters for which they have Location level access.

Administrator can control which Locations that a Receptionist has access to.

The Receptionst cannot

  • Delete Data

  • View Session and Survey Data

  • Have access to Reports

  • Have access to Administration functions


This is what the home screen looks like for a Receptionist user when they log in.