Step by Step Guide

The Session Rating Scale (SRS) is completed at the end of the session with the client.

There are two ways to administer an SRS survey.

Either by selecting the relevant case and clicking quick survey in the home screen.

Or to add an SRS survey to the session you go to the ‘Sessions and Feedback’ Screen. Click on the view surveys button to open this screen.  Select the first session listed. If this is your first session with a client this will already be highlighted.

Click on the Survey icon and you will be given the option of adding the SRS score.

You are then taken to a screen where you can select which client you wish to complete the SRS. If there is only one client they will be highlighted.

For couple, family, or group sessions with more than one client click the down arrow to the right to select additional clients to complete the SRS. All the clients linked to the case will appear here. Collateral raters do not complete the SRS.

Click the down arrow to the right to select a client to complete the SRS and click Take Survey.

Hand the tablet (or laptop) to the client ask them to read the text and then press continue to enter their SRS scores. The SRS scale will then appear and the client will select their score for each subscale of the SRS by moving the scoring line to a point on the scale.

If the client is a young person or child you also have the option of selecting the CSRS.

If you are doing a telephone or online consultation you can have the client verbally give a score for each subscale of the SRS and select the manual entry option to enter the scores directly.

When the client has completed the scores for the SRS they select ‘Enter Score’ to view the score on the graph.

When you have reviewed the score with the client if they wish to retake the score they can select Retake and complete the scores on the SRS again.

If they are satisfied that it is correct they can select Next to return to the ‘Select Rater’ screen if there are additional clients in the case. The process is repeated until all the clients for that case have completed the SRS. If there are any clients in a case who are absent then select Skip to go to the next available client.

When the SRS scores are completed the system returns to the ‘Sessions and Feedback’ screen and the SRS score is displayed for that session for that client.

If there are additional clients in the case there scores can be viewed by selecting the tab with their name here.

Adding Session Notes

At the end of the session to add any notes on the session or session scores click the +Notes button to add a note to the session highlighted