A session is automatically created when you administer a survey from the Case and Client List Screen. Surveys can be administered by clicking anywhere on the case and then clicking on the survey button which appears above the columns.

To manually add a Session go to the ‘Sessions and Feedback’ screen. To go to this screen click on the View Surveys button.

Sessions and Feedback Screen

In the ‘Sessions and Feedback Screen’ click on the client tab that you wish to add a new session and then click on the button ‘New Session’.

Session Date and Time

The system defaults to the current date and time. To change the date click on the calendar icon to the right. To set the time click on the clock icon to the right.

Session Type

The system defaults to ‘face to face’ as this is the most common session type. If this is a phone consultation with a client then select ‘Phone’, if it is an online consultation such as Skype Chat we suggest you select ‘Online’.

Click Save to save the session details or cancel to exit without saving.

Editing and Deleting Sessions

To edit the session click on the blue edit icon to the right of the row.

To delete the session click on the red delete button to the right.