Starting a Survey

When you are ready to take a survey use the Take Survey Button, and choose which Survey you wish to use.

In this example we choose an ORS survey, and clicked the right hand button to take the survey.

The list of Clients and Collateral Raters associated with the Episode will appear. Below we have 2 Clients.

At this point the Clinician or Session facilitator would generally hand the device to the Client/Collateral rater to complete the survey themselves.

Once you select the person then the survey will appear.

Once the Enter Score button is clicked the Client has an opportunity to review and reflect on their score with the clinician and decide to confirm it, or retake it.

If the Client decides to retake the score they will be in the same position for each sub-score as they left them.

On completion the App moves onto the next Client/Collateral associated with the Episode

If that person is not present or declines to enter a score the Skip button can be used. This will either skip to the next Client/Collateral in the Episode, or if there are no persons left then the App will go to the score review screen.