Why we created the App

The primary purpose of the OpenFIT App is to be used as a data collection tool for all types of surveys including the ORS and SRS. As such it is reduced functionality compared to the Web Applicaiton. It does not have Reports, or Administrative functionality. And at the moment you don't create new Case or Client data on the App.

Tablet devices have extra security features not available on the Web Application such as Fingerprint and Facial recognition. We describe this in more detail in a section dedicated to setting up these settings for the App.

Many of our users asked for a streamlined version of OpenFIT that was designed simply as a 

Finding and Installing the App

The OpenFIT App is available for both Apple and Android Tablets and Devices. 

Whilst designed primarily for Tablet form factor, it will work well on larger phone screens as well.

Once installed you'll see an icon for the App on your Device.