Sharing Surveys with Clients or Collaterals via SMS

If you are planning to share a survey via SMS it’s a good idea to set phone number when creating the Client or Collateral record or using the Edit Function to add a phone number later.
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To create a number, choose the destination country from the dropdown lost, and then enter the number in the recommended format.

You can launch the Share Survey screen from the Homepage under Quick Survey

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Or alternatively by Clicking on the Case number to go to the Sessions and Feedback Screen.

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At this point you can select which Template you wish to use. For more information on creating and managing Templates visit here.
If not using Tempaltes you can use the default textor edit the text the receiver sees; just make sure to keep the URL that links to the Survey.  
*For SMS messages we advise against long messages as that splits the Text into multiple SMS messages to the receiver.

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Once the message is sent a Text bubble will appear indicating the message is successfully sent, and now awaiting a response.

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The recepient will receive an SMS with the instructions to complete the survey.

This secure 1-time URL will allow the receipient to complete the survey, view the results. As soon as the survey is completed the results are available for the Therapist.   


If you wish to schedule the Survey for a specific date then use Auto-Send feature to choose a Date and Time.