OpenFIT Release – December

Add new Collateral Rater Type options: Parent and Step Parent.

Ethnicity field is no multi-select. 

Profession is now a filter on the Users Report.

New Profession option for users: Coach.

OpenFIT Release – November

Remove the "Client -"  prefix on the list of survey participants. For some time there has been an issue where some customers mental health centres like the term Client. Hospital and other medical facilities prefer the Term Patient. And some customers with different departments use both. It seems the most sensible, and simplest solution is to remove the term.

Added Portugese Translations of ORS/SRS

OpenFIT Release – October

Display Tags in Alphabetical order

Add Retake via Survey button on all Scores. Instead of editing the numbers of the subscores inline they can be edited through the Survey input screen instead.

OpenFIT Release – September

BETA version of OpenFIT V2 published. Started emailing users notifying to switch to new URL

OpenFIT Release – August 

Performance improvements to reports loading speed.

OpenFIT Release – June 

Add "Most Recent Survey" as a filter to the User Statistics Report.

OpenFIT Release – May 

Allow Administrators to appear in Share Cases dropdown

If the Administrator is marked as Case see Cases on their profile they will appear on the Share Case screen on Create or Edit Case.

Add Survey Origin and Shared By to Reports Drill on My Statistics

You can see whether the survey was captured by Web or SMS.

OpenFIT Release – April 

Add Filter for Number of Surveys to Report

We've added a number of new filters to reports including

  • Number of ORS Surveys completed
  • Number of SRS Surveys completed


 Option to stop Clients appearing in Survey dropdown

Agencies that provide Groupwork to Clients have been requeting this for sometime and we're happy to go live. This feature means that users can still view the statistics associated with the Client on the Group. But their name no longer appears on the Survey collection


Email Reports as Attachments to Colleagues

Include Supervisor and Local-Administrators in Supervisee dropdown

Previously only Clinicians appeared in the Supervisee list when setting up a Supervisor listener. 

Add Negative Filter for Reports on Tags