OpenFIT Release – October 28th 2022

Add User Statistics Report for Supervisors

Now Supervisors in OpenFIT can run the Statistics Report on any users they are assigned as supervisor to.

Add Subject to Email Template Creation

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Display warning if all Clients/Collaterals have been sent an email or SMS already

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Bug Fixes

  • Deleted Templates still show up in selection list
  • Disabled auto-complete on free text fields for Client and Collateral
  • Added Share Survey button to GSRS survey

OpenFIT Release 393 – August 4th, 2022

Add Search functionality to OpenFIT

This is a major new update to make funding your Cases and Clients much easier.
If your agency has multiple locations setup, the search function will run across all of them, and bring you to the correct location after you click on the Case or Client link in the Search results.

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OpenFIT Release 390 – July 7th, 2022


Add new Columns to Users report - Count of administered ORS and SRS

This change comes from the fact that Episodes can be shared among multiple users and we want more granular information on which Clinician administered an ORS or SRS score.
For example if an Episode is shared between Clinician A and Clinician B
Clinician A owns all the Episode
Total ORS Administered = 10

The report shows ORS = 10 for Clinician A

After the update:
Clinician A ORS = 6
Clinician B ORS = 4 (because Clinician B who the Episode is shared with administered 4 of the ORS scores)


Freeze column headers in Drillthrough Report

Often the drill reports are long, and it’s easier to track what column is when the column header/labels are frozen.

Share Survey - For Client, allow to choose which collaterals to share Survey with

This greatly speeds up the process for sharing links to Collateral raters associated with a Client, especially if there are > 1 Collateral rater.
On the Share Survey screen from Client, provide an option of collaterals that the survey will also be shared with about that Client.


Share survey now available from the home screen

Instead of having to click into the Case and then choose Share Survey, this speeds the process up.
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BETA – Add QR Code option for loading Surveys for Clients and Collaterals

This is an exciting new feature we’re trying out. When a Client is visiting the clinic, or even during a remote session with screen sharing they can scan the QR code on the Share Survey screen and this will load the relevant survey for them to complete which is then saved instantly to their record after completion.
This is an early release of this feature, and we will be continuing to improve it over the coming weeks/months.

Translate surveys into Ukrainian

Including GAD7, PHQ, ORS/SRS, amongst others.



Add new values to User field Profession

  • Peer Support
  • Intake


Add hover functionality to show full template message text


Share other surveys by SMS/EMAIL

Ability to share other survey types via SMS/Email other than the ORS and SRS.

Reports - Update Cases and Clients Drill through on My Statistics Report - Add SRS Pre and SRS Post



User Statistics Report - Add Column #SRS / #ORS 

This update adds a column on the User Statistics Report that calculates the ratio of SRS captured to ORS surveys.  
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Templating functionality for Emailing/SMS messages
This is a key update that many administrators have been requesting. It's now possible to create multiple message templates for email and SMS messages in OpenFIT. This means you can tailor the messaging for your clients/patients, and save them as templates to ensure consistency among OpenFIT users.

Only administrators can create Templates. Once created the templates will be available for all clinical users when they use the share survey option to send via email/SMS.

We advise that administrators keep the message length as short as possible for SMS messages since long messges will result in multiple SMS messages to the client containing the various parts of the message.

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Display the total most recent score combined with the score status alert and Add
mouseover on ORS/SRS with the subscores
To make it quicker and easier for users to see the latest information from the home screen
we've changed how ORS/SRS data is displayed. A user can hover over the total survey
score, and view the breakdown of the total into its subscores.

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After update:
On Client rows, users can see both the most recent survey score combined with the colour
coded alert.

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Hover or tap on a score to view subscores
To view the subscores a user can hover or if using a Tablet device tap on a score to view.

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Add new Columns to Users report - Count of administered ORS and SRS
In the statistics report, it's possible to view the number of ORS/SRS scores associated with
Episodes owned by users and also on Episodes shared with users.

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In this users report update, there's a subtle distinction. You can now view the number of
surveys such as the ORS/SRS actually administered by that user. This is particularly useful
during the onboarding process, and also in scenarios where multiple clinicians are
associated with Cases and it's desirable to view which users captured which surveys.

New Professions added to user profession title
  • Occupational therapist
  • Nurse
  • Practical nurse
  • Mental health nurse

User role is a filter on user admin screen instead of text field
Now quicker for administrators to filter through user types.

Support for YYYYMMDD date format
Certain countries such as Sweden enter dates in this format which is now enabled.

Adjusted the format of some statistics in My Statistics report
We’ve added he numerator and % figures for certain statistics.
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Retake of survey sent via email/SMS error on iOS
On certain iOS devices the retake function did not work clients/patients tried to use the
retake function on their phones.

Turned off auto-complete on email and phone fields
On certain browsers the email addresses and phone numbers entered for previous
clients/patients would automatically appear in the email/phone number field while creating
new Clients or Collaterals. This auto-complete function present in some browsers is now
explicitly prohibited by the application.