List of ICCE Approved Statistical Indices

The items below identify the statistical indices that must be included in all authorized computer systems and API users employing the ORS and SRS family of measures (ORS, SRS, CORS, CSRS, GSRS) and associated formulas and trajectories developed by Scott D. Miller, Ph.D and licensed by Performance Metrics, LLC..

Number of Clients: The number of clients broken down by age (adult, adolescent, child)

Number of Treatment Episodes: Inclusive of all clients involved in a particular course of treatment
Number of Collateral Raters: The number of raters for a particular client or episode of care.
Average Intake ORS: The mean score for all clients on ORS at first session broken down by age (adults, adolescents, and children).
Average Intake SRS: The mean score for all clients on SRS at first session.
Average Number of Sessions: Total of sessions divided by the total number of episodes. System operators are free to include the total number of sessions in reports.
Average Treatment Length: Total number of days from opening a case to the last session or closing divided by the number of episodes.
Effect Size (pre—post effect size): The effect of treatment compared to no treatment (when correcting for number of sessions, regression to the mean, severity at intake and bias).
Relative Effect Size: Comparing the effect size of the clinician or agency to the grand mean effect size of the normative sample (comparing to the mean of other treatments).
Percentage of Clients Reaching Target: The percentage of clients whose last ORS score falls in the green zone.
Dropout: Systems need to have a method in place for clinicians to categorize the end of treatment. Treatment can end either by: (1) mutual agreement; or (2) unilateral termination by client. If the treatment is terminated unilaterially by the client, a system must be in place that offers clinicians two choice: (1) outcomes falling outside the green zone (without effect); or (2) outcomes falling within the green zone (with effect). The percentage of clients who terminate unilaterally (2.1) without effect should be reported.
Average Raw Change: (this index should no longer be included)
Clinically significant change: Defined as clients who begin treatment with an intake score starting below 25 and whose last score falls above the clinical cutoff (25) AND in the green zone
Reliable Change Index: This indice should no longer be included as reliable change is calculated for each individual based on their first session score and represented in the treatment response trajectory as the green line.