Once you have entered in your client and case details they will be displayed in the Client and Case List Screen.

To capture ORS feedback view the video or Step by Step instructions below:


Step by Step Instructions

To add a survey for a Case select the case by clicking on the checkbox. The case selected will then be highlighted in green.

Then click on the Quick Survey button on the menu above. Select the ORS survey. OpenFIT automatically creates a session for the current date and time and the ORS survey screen appears.

Note: To create a session for a specific date and time, select the Case and then click on the View Surveys button in the menu above. This will take you to the Session and Surveys screen where you can create a session for a specific date and time and add surveys to it.

See the Adding Sessions section for manually creating sessions for a specific date and time.


At the top of the Survey Screen the date and name of the survey will appear. Beneath this is the instructions for the survey. You can choose whether you would like to display these instructions.

To hide the instructions click on the information icon (i).

If you do not wish to take the survey at this time click on the Skip button. Please note the Session automatically created will remain for the Case

To take the survey:

Hand the tablet (or laptop) to the client and guide them to read the instructions:

‘Looking back over the last week, including today, help us understand how you have been feeling by rating how well you have been doing in the following areas of your life, where marks to the left represent low levels and marks to the right indicate high levels.

Instruct the client to enter in his/her rating when they feel ready.’

There is the option to cancel the survey or if the client is satisfied with the entry of his/her ratings then you or he/she can click the button Enter Score. 

Clients can see their score presented on a graph.

If they would like to change their scores they can click on the button Retake. If they are satisfied with their entry then they can click Save and Next.

Here you have various options of viewing the clients feedback.

If the client is associated with a case or has a collateral rater you can select to view these by clicking on the different tabs.

Client View displays the client scores only.

Collateral View displays the scores entered by the Collateral rater.

Combined View displays scores for the client and any other clients associated with that case e.g. Other group or family members.

If you wish to see details of the session select the Session tab as highlighted in the image above.

To return to view the feedback click on the tab ‘Client Feedback‘.

The next section of the user manual entitled ‘reviewing your first clients feedback’ explains how to look at the clients scores in more detail.